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KGNZ's Prime Mission:

First and foremost is to hear and obey God's Voice for us. We have clearly heard His intention for us to broadcast programming that exalts the Name of Jesus primarily through music.

We believe in providing quality broadcasting so that the medium doesn't detract from this message. One method is through translators.

What Is a Translator?

A translator is a low-power broadcast facility which takes a signal from the primary station (KGNZ, Abilene) and re-broadcasts it on another frequency. (For example: in San Angelo, Texas, the translator receives our signal live via satellite and sends it back out on 90.9 FM; in Lubbock Texas, the translator receives KGNZ via the satellite and rebroadcasts it on 88.5 FM.)

KGNZ's Translator Program:

Our desire would be to see that every community have at least one Christian signal before others have two: however, it seems that styles of Christian music have multiplied so over the last ten years that the community's needs are often not met by a single station. Since our intention is not to undermine an existing, local ministry, we do not pursue translators for a community. We respond only to local interest, invitation, and encouragement.

How to Get the Signal?

The KGNZ signal will be received over an encrypted connection by a satellite dish and receiver at the translator site and rebroadcast on FM radio frequency by the equipment installed there.


Typical Translator Pricing (prices can vary)

Engineering: $1000.00
Research and Analysis of FM broadcast spectrum to determine channel availability and preparation of FCC Form 349 (Application for FM Broadcast Translator) and all related exhibits for submission to the FCC.
Equipment (Receive: Satellite Downlink) $3600.00
Downlink Equipment $3600.00
Equipment (Transmitting): $11,400.00
1 Broadcast Transmitter (300 watts) $4500.00
300ft. of 7/8" Semi-Rigid Air-core cable $1500.00
1 4-bay omni-directional antenna $3000.00
2 Connectors @ 60.00 each $120.00
installation $2000.00
Surge Protection $280.00
Total Translator Cost $16000.00