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Praise Reports

A few of the hundreds of praise reports we receive yearly. If you'd like to leave your own praise report, please use the form below.

Apr 2nd 2013
Praise God for getting me over the flu. It has hung on for almost a month now. It was so awful this year. coughing,fever,chilling,ears hurting,hard to breath. God was with me through it all and so was KGNZ. Praise God I am better.
Joanne Fuson
San Angelo Te
Apr 1st 2013
June 1, 2010 my husband lost his job after 14 1/2 years. July 10, 2010 my daughter delivered a stillborn baby. August 13, 2010 my husband had a heart attack and due to finances and no insurance I could not get him to go to Dr. until July 23rd. His blood vessels had rerouted themselves which saved is life. When he lost his job I cried a first, then I immediatly put up signs on the bathroom mirror with the scripture Phil 4:19. At that time we were attending Fountaingate and Scott Beard preached on that very scripture that morning. I felt lead by GOD so get up in front of the congregation and tell our story of the past 3 months AND STILL GIVE GOD THE GLORY. We did not do without. Last December my daughter lost another baby. She is now 2 months pregnant and doing fine, and my husband just got a promotion to VP at a job he has had less than 2 years!!! GOD IS GOOD!! One never knows why they go thru what they do, but GOD does.
Diane Baird
Abilene Tx
Apr 3rd 2013
Thank You Lord For KGNZ It Is A Blessing To Have A Christian Station That Glorifies You Lord!
Lillie G
Sweetwater Tx
Apr 6th 2009
Thank you for your commitment and devotion to the ministry of KGNZ. I pray for you all and your families as you have sacrificed so much to continue the work. I pray that abundance in every area of your lives will overtake you! Our Father is more than able! I'm sure our Father smiles as He watches over His hard working children @ KGNZ. Your not forgotten by Him! To Him be all that we are and have. I pray God's strength to continue enabling you to stand firm in THE FAITH! I'll stand with you my brothers and sisters. I'll and other family members will aid to support you!
Abilene TX
Dec 19th 2013
My wife Dianna was operated on for breast cancer. After a small surgery incision the pathology report came back none found in lymph nodes. Thank you God for your great healing power. What an awesome God we serve.
Dwight Merwin
Breckenridge Tx
May 24th 2013
I wat to praise God. After driving aroud this morning in Abilene, I saw all the damage the weather did Thurs. There many trees branches broken, dum -pster knocked down, even mailboxes opened or tilting. Thank God no one was seriously hurt. He protected us. What an awesom God we serve.
Susie Lozano
Abilene Tx
Nov 17th 2009
PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! My son got a JOB!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
Abilene Tx
Nov 9th 2015
We Love You Jesus!
Abilene Tx
Apr 2nd 2013
Hello, my name is Melanie Mcghie (Warren). My dad passed away January 28, 2013 - since then my eyes have been completely opened to the way I had been living. I came to realize how much my family truly means to me including my church family. That means anyone who believes that Jesus Christ died for our sins. I started listening to Christian Contemporary station on tv - but took television out of my room and started listening to KGNZ radio and realized how many in Abilene are sponsors. Right now my son and I are on mental disability and my mom in retired and my brother is at home trying to help us until we can get back on our feet. Just knowing all the Christian love in the community just inspires me to want to do better so I can help to keep KGNZ going.
Melanie Mcghie
Abilene Tx
Mar 28th 2013
Thank You Jesus that the swelling in my calf is going down! Lord we give you all the praise!
Abilene Tx
Apr 25th 2013
I am so blessed to have the Lord in my heart and I just want to praise my son Matthew Ornelas. Today is his 26th birthday. I am so proud of him. He turns 26 he is a college graduate by the grace of God and he is my baby boy. I have my mom my oldest son and my big brother. God bless KGNZ for playing Life changing music!
Melanie Mcghie
Abilene Tx
Nov 13th 2011
THANK YOU GOD, for all your blessing and for KGNZ for all there praising music and scripture it ministry to me daily. Father GOD, contine to provide all they need to stay afloat,we need to apply praise,worship,and your word to are life daily,KGNZ helps us to walk closer to you LORD. We Love you and Praise your mighty name.
Shanna Cornejo
Breckenridge Tx
Feb 1st 2010
Thank you KGNZ for the inspirational, uplifting Christ centered music you play. What a true tool for the kingdom of God, encouraging believers through music ministry. I pray for all the listeners to receive the Peace, Comfort, and Joy that only the Holy Spirit can give. Blessed be the truly wonderful name above all names,the Lord Jesus Christ.
Benjamin Thompson
Abilene Tx
Apr 2nd 2013
I am so thankful Lord that you are delivering me from the critical spirit that I have allowed to bruise and wound your precious body that I serve with. Thank you for loving me enough to constantly make me aware of my words that hurt you and others and for your endless mercy in my life.
Annette Range
Clyde Te
Apr 2nd 2013
Snyder Te
Apr 5th 2010
Dear KGNZ, Wow! I am an alcoholic and a addict. I am coming up on 2 years sober. When I came home after completing treatment I made a committment to God and myself to listen to nothing but Christian music. So I put my radio station on 88.1 and left it there. Listening to ya'll daily constantly assures me that God is real and is very active in my life. My better half quit drinking 9 months after me and after he stopped drinking he was still listening to rock. But every time he got in my car we listened to ya'll. I am happy to say that now he too listens to KGNZ! Wow! The songs you play and the programs ya'll air help me daily to build and grow my conscious contact with God and continually assures me of "oh how He loves us" Thank you KGNZ for all that you do! Love in Christ! Teresa Hall, Abilene
Teresa Hall
Abilene Tx
Apr 2nd 2013
I thank and praise God for you KGNZ! Not only do you have the uplifting music but also the clips from various uplifting sources such as Focus on the Family. I know you will not always hear from the people you have touched in so may ways, but I hope I can at least be a voice for many of them. Almost 3 years ago I had a teenage girl (Kalena) working for me who struggled daily with insecurity. I watched this girl strive to seek Jesus only to be batted down by her so-called friends. To make this story short, she was "flipping through the stations" one day while on errands with her mom. No station caught her attention until she shopped on KGNZ and Casting Crowns was playing "Praise you in this Storm". She finally surrendered all of herself to the Lord. She was so excited! She told all her friends and family only to have most of them not believe, mock, scorn and try to get her back into their world. She did not go back, but still faced scorn and temptation. But she did win eternal life! Just a few weeks after being saved, Kalena was killed in a car wreck. But her story and her life are still touching everyone! Kalena did not know her time was up, but God did and tugged at her heart one last time AND SHE LISTENED! Praise God Praise KGNZ and Praise Casting Crowns for being there when she needed it. I have called into Gary a few times in the mornings and this is one of the reasons I have told him, I NEVER drive without KGNZ! Now I just keep praying someday you will have enough "strength" in the towers for me to pick up the station inside my shop!
Lisa Bowman
Breckenridge Tx
Aug 10th 2009
I just wanted to say how much I Love your station. I recently started a new job in GRaham in Texas on my ride in all my presets fizzled out so I did a search and immediately found your station and I just love it! it sure makes a 40 minute commute so much nicer to be able to praise God and listen to your effervessent radio personalities, you will have me listening for a very long time!
Palo Pinto Tx
Sep 23rd 2011
Sweetwater Tx
Jul 14th 2009
Thank you for starting my morning off with "The Journey!" And after hours with "Insight for Living!" Your station and it's music and program selections minister to me continously throughout my day. My prayer for you is that God will provide everything you need so that you may be on the air around the clock with no interruptions. And that the vision He's given you will be fullfilled. Thank you for the work you do. You are a great blessing to many!
Love In Christ! S.c
Abilene Tx
Oct 29th 2014
Thanks be to God for helping us to find our friend who has been missing for over a week. So thankful and relieved that he was found safe and in good health! God is good!
Anson Tx
Nov 4th 2011
Jesus we praise your Holy name! Thank You for being with my Dad! Lord continue to touch and heal his heart Amen!
Gary Hill
Abilene Tx
Dec 30th 2009
Thank you kgnz for being on the air with such great musuic. it allways gets me in a great mood.God Bless you all.Have a Happy New Year.
Jody Hodges
Ranger Tx
Aug 23rd 2009
Thank you KGNZ for always being there. I've listend since I was a little kid traveling to Dallas for a soccer tournament to working on the lawn and working out in my shed. Now, I still listen here in Colorado at the Air Force Academy. Thank you for all you do. Keep it up.
Abilene Tx
Apr 1st 2015
I had asked for prayers a few months back concerning a child support case. My husband and I had worked our marriage out but were still facing that court date we went and everything turned out great! Our marriage is stronger than ever and we are able to pit that behind us.
Crystal Talamantes
San Angelo Tx

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