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Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Gary L. Lewis
Mar 23rd 2015 - Please pray for Maxine M.- Her deliverance from a massive stroke and all it's symptoms. and her salvation.(Bertha Jean G.- her deliverance from stage-4- cancer and all it's symptoms, and her salvation. THANK YOU JESUS for ANSWERING ALL THESE PRAYERS ON THIS PRAYER WALL. GOD Bless KGNZ..

Mar 21st 2015 - I am asking for prayer for my daughter and children, I realize that I am very opinionated at times and have caused pain and suffering for my children and their children and am asking for God to heal all of our broken hearts and to bring peace and restoration with each other. I am a Christian and have a very high standard in being a child of the Most High God. I ask for forgiveness with my responses at times.

Mar 4th 2015 - Please pray for Channing. He was born in Weatherford on Tuesday, March 3rd with a blood disorder. Please pray that God will heal him completely and quickly.

Mary C.
Mar 3rd 2015 - Thank you for agreement in prayer with me for my sister Gina. I am asking God's favor for a part-time job for Gina to keep her from being oppressed and depressed. She struggles with tremors and does not feel comfortable working in a big surrounding. So please agree for an open door as she asks for a job , where I work p-time with Love and Care Ministries. Let God's favor shine on her as she starts this new journey. Blessings

Mar 3rd 2015 - Pls pray for LOUISE she fell in her kitchen and broke her FIMMER BONE. She is scheduled for surgery TODAY. She is Bobby's sister and there is a slight change in his condition. He is opening his eyes but there is NO RESPONSE. Pls continue to pray for this family and declare miracles by faith in Jesus name. Amen. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and God Bless You.

Mary C.
Feb 22nd 2015 - Asking for agreement in prayer for my sister Gina that is going thru divorce and she needs covering from suicidal thoughts, self-destruction. Pray for restoration in relationship because I know there is nothing my father in heaven wouldn't do for her. Pray for peace and comfort in her spirit. Blessings

Feb 22nd 2015 - Pls pray for BOBBY he was in a very bad car wreck in Dallas Tx. He is in a coma, he is on life support, he has a broken spine and the doctors are saying he will be "paralyzed"...Bobby opened his eyes for a brief second Friday but went back to sleep. Pls pray for his mother, JULIA, because she is severly DEPRESSED because she cannot do anything to help him and as his mother she is just torn up!!...Pray for Roscoe, Steve, Johnny, Louise and Michelle. These are Bobby's siblings. They're very CLOSE to him and they're having a hard time dealing with what has happened to him. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors. I'll keep you posted. God bless you and your family.

Feb 22nd 2015 - VALERIE is out of her medical induced coma. She's been awake for over a week now. She has a long recovery but SHE is alive and she is doing as well as can be expected, Praise God!! Again, Thank You for being in agreement with me for her life!!...HALLELUJAH...TO THE KING...( JESUS)

Feb 21st 2015 - Please be in prayer for my sister Gina that is going to a traumatic change in her life. Husband has filed for divorce and she is been put out in street due to issues in there marriage of drinking alcohol. Both have issues but he is in denial. He claims he still loves her but refuses to live together anymore. I am praying for deliverance and restoration for their love. She is suicidal and has no desire to live, pray for strength due to she used to be an addict to meth.. The lord delivered her of that lifestyle, but she is broken down and says she doesn't see herself here in this world much longer. She doesn't want to live !!!!

Feb 21st 2015 - Please pray for my circumstances and things in my life.

Feb 19th 2015 - Please stand with me in prayer believing for a miraculous full recovery for my husband who is on life support, following cardiac arrest and is now still in hypothermia therapy. We pray that his responses will improve and pass the simple reflex tests. That he will regain full function of his brain and his memory in tact. That his body, mind and spirit receives total healing and restoration in Jesus' mighty name!

Feb 18th 2015 - Pray for me as I got cel tight lulitis in my left leg and am now on my way to recovery. I am still not able to put a lot of weight on my leg cause the muscle and tendons are still very sore and

Feb 17th 2015 - Donna has ask us to lift up Mark in prayer as he is dealing with blood pressure issues and the doctors are not sure what's going on with him and his health.

Julie Keefe
Feb 17th 2015 - Love and miss you all at KGNZ. Praying for you and listening here in South Florida!
With love, The Keefe Family Alex, Julie, Sophie, Charley, Edie, Audrey, Benjamin & Agnes Jones

Crystal Talamantes
Feb 14th 2015 - Having to go to court for child support and trying to work my marriage out ,I just pray that they see its better for my family to be together

Pastor Leticia Perez
Feb 2nd 2015 - In Jesus name I agree with all my brothers and sisters. That our Lord will hear us. I will not have multiple sclerosis and I will be able to stand on my feet without the aid of a cane and walker. The season of miracles is here receive your healing in Jesus mighty name. Hallelujah. Gloria a Dios! Amen Pastor Leti

Nettie Perez
Feb 2nd 2015 - Please pray for me. A doctor thinks I may have multiple sclerosis. Please pray that God will protect me from that.

Mary Collins
Jan 30th 2015 - Please pray for my sister in Christ Dwan Spencer is in hospital with copd and had a pace maker put in and in the process the dr's accidently punctured her lung and she has a drain tube in her lungs. She is retaining fluid and is out of control with swelling and edema in legs and face.She loves the Lord and needs peace and supernatural healing.

Jan 21st 2015 - Praying for Mrs Webb who will be having esophagus surgery, praying that the Lord will guide the the Doctors hands.

Jan 21st 2015 - Praying for Michelle and her Family,as they are in need of the Lords help with their daughter Jessica who is a single mother who is asking for your prayers in dealing with allegations of neglect from CPS. Thanks for your prayers.

Jan 19th 2015 - I just want to say Thank you lord for the joy you bring to my life. I haven't ever been so okay. I love you and appreciate you! Thank you for the sacrifice of your son and our king, Jesus Christ. We love you Jesus. I want to thank you also for he peace and understanding that only you can bring. Guide our paths and let us STRIVE in all that we do to be like you. In your precious and sweet name. Amen

Jan 19th 2015 - Pls pray for VALERIE she was a passenger who was involved in a car wreck Saturday. She was airlifted to a hospital in Dallas with a broken neck, a broken back, both of her ankles are broken, her pelvic is broke, her brain is swollen due to severe head trauma and she is in a medical induced coma. Valerie is 19 yrs old and she has a one year old daughter. Pls be in agreement with me that the Lord Jesus will fully RESTORE her body and that she will reunite with her daughter soon. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors. God bless YOU and Happy New Year!!!

Jan 19th 2015 - Months ago I requested prayer for my cousin MARLON who was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered severe head trauma; Marlon is doing very well. Praise be to God. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors.

Jan 18th 2015 - I am a military veteran since 2010. I just lost my job last year and struggling to find employment. I would like a career and able to support my family. I would like someone to pray for me and my family for survival.

Jan 18th 2015 - Please pray for my 27 year old daughter to become a Christian. She has 2 little boys to raise alone since her husband left her, and one of her little boys has severe autism. She really needs a miracle. She doesn't believe God cares for her. No matter how much we try to show her his love, she has a huge wall up. Her name is Tiffany.

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