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Jeff R.
Jun 22nd 2017 - Please pray for my medical tests today. Pray that everything will be normal. I have a brain MRI this morning and a test for artery blockage this afternoon. PLEASE pray for normal results.

Jun 20th 2017 - My mom does not feel well. Please pray for her. Thank you!

Gary Lewis

Jun 19th 2017 - My cousin had a brain problem and they did try to fix it, but it might come back. Also, I know a girl and she beleives in the religion where you die and come back as something better or worse. I' ve tried reaching out, but she refuses my hand. Please pray for Jocelyn D. In gods great name, Amen

Jun 19th 2017 - A girl I met at camp named Abby had cancer please pray she's ok. I also was hospitalised and met a child who's parents were told cancer was eating his body. I am scared his end is near.amen

Venus Canidae
Jun 19th 2017 - My best friend wad adopted ny a kindergarten family her real mom was on drugs. She's DYING to meet her sisters. She has two names Sophia rose benivedes and lyana rose ingram. Help her. Pray for her . AMEN

Jun 14th 2017 - Please be in earnest prayer for the team of Ministers from I Am Redeemed Ministries who will be going into the Mountain View Women's Prison on Sunday June 18th to carry the gospel. They will be ministering to the general population and going into the three most secure units there, including Death Row. Spiritual Warfare is taking place now and we will be VICTORIOUS! To the Glory of God and for the Souls of Men.

Jun 10th 2017 - I'm having car trouble. I'm in need of a mechanic. Please pray that God will make provisions for me, in Jesus name I pray this. Amen

May 27th 2017 - Dear Jesus thank you for everything. Please I pray the house can be fixed and the front porch will be ok,please I pray I work hard and fix the thing's that need to be fixed and I do good work. I pray for my request that I can obtain forgiveness and it will stay with me always. I pray that any one who has harmed me in any way not be judged for it in the after life. I pray please that I forgive here on earth and can achieve and keep forgiveness in my heart,mind and soul. I pray that I can come to peace about the past and achieve peace and forgiveness. Please father I have prayed about it so often and then it comes back.Please father I pray for forgiveness for my sins and absolution of them.I pray any thought of un-forgiveness be cast away and replaced with understanding,tolerance,peace,acceptance. I pray for wisdom in thought,deed and action's,heart,mind,body and soul.I pray for lite lesson's and understanding of emotion's. I pray for little Franny I pray I find her and she knows she is loved. I pray I never drink.I pray please that for the incarcerated and the innocent go free and heal and the guilty turn to you.I pray those in need of medical,food,redemption and shelter. I pray for the animals that there needs are met and they are treated well.I pray for Joe,Walter,Jim,Mr Demartin,Floyed,Clark,Corey,Starr,My family,Grants,Lesley,Pat,Tom,Mr Roby,Leo,Roger,Johnny,David, Craig,Cliff,Villa's,Garcia's,sue,Denny,Fernando,Margarita,Everyone I said I would pray for. Please I pray for those who pray for me please thank them and bless them. I love you im sorry please wash me clean in mind,body,soul,heart. In Gratitude AMEN,Andrew and i pray for Diana

May 26th 2017 - A recent e-mail update and continued prayers for our Brother Tommy Walden!
Dear friends,
This email comes with a mixed bag of "thank you for your earnest prayers" as well as an update of our current situation plus an apology for our delay in getting this report to you. We are still spending most of our time visiting doctors as well as friends who come to offer encouragement and some who come to offer leads to an alternative method. It seems the situation changes almost daily but here is the update as of this morning.
The pancreatic surgeon in Dallas confirmed what we already had been told: that the malignancy has advanced to the point that no surgery will help. Of course it was bad news but it was also somewhat comforting to know that the door to surgery, chemo and radiation was definitely closed.
Which leaves us at the Red Sea. And that can be a good place for God's children. We know that our Lord can heal Tommy if indeed He wants His servant to serve Him here for some time longer. We also know that He can lead us to alternative methods of healing. And along with asking for the Lord to touch Tommy in a miraculous way are also pursuing a few new paths.
Last night we visited with a doctor here in Abilene who said that he knows of some new methods and innovations and would be willing to see us next Wednesday, May 31.We are also in touch with a nutritional consultant in another state who has had success in treating patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.
Will you pray that the Lord will continue to lead us gently along to which ever path He chooses for us? If the Lord decides to heal Tommy we will all rejoice and give Him great praise and glory. However if He decides to take His servant home we will accept that knowing that for all of us this temporary tent will one day be folded up and we will be clothed with one that is imperishable and eternal. II Cor. 5
As promised, God has given us great peace. Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf. We are so blessed by your cards, calls and visits and regret that currently we don't have time to answer them all in a timely fashion. We will keep you posted as things progress.
Love and blessings, Carolyn

Gary & James
May 23rd 2017 - We are praying for Chloe Batten who fell off the roof of her house on to their fence during serve Thunder Storm on Monday Afternoon!(5-22-2017)Since Chloe fell on her back on to the fence and her parents were afraid to move her do to possible paralysis! With the hail falling the parents literally covered Chloe with themselves to protect her from getting hit from the hail! Please remember Chloe this morning in your prayers as she will be having surgery for a fractured vertebrae in her spine! Also your prayers would be very much appreciated for the whole family as they are pretty shaken up about the entire event! Please pray for wisdom on if the Father should go on a upcoming Mission Trip! Thanks again for your prayers!

May 18th 2017 - Please be in Prayer for New Beginnings Big Country as they seek God's perfect will concerning the their Phase 2 Mercy House. NBBC has been renting the house for over 4 years and the owners are wanting to sell. It is one of their biggest houses that currently houses 9 women.

Sister Debra Patrick
May 16th 2017 - Prayer for my daughter Tabi Sosa Araujo. Please we asking for my daughter won't lose her girl from her ex boyfriend Rosendo Ortega. In the past Tabi lost three girl due to me Debra Patrick. Because the Cps made us think .I have not rights as grandparent. I pray also the father John Araujo,Chad Nia,Jonathan Valadez. Please God my prayer let my daughter have her girls . Marianna Araujo ,Lita Martinez,Estrella Valadez,Anastasia Sosa,Bella Ortega. This prayer need your immediate attention. Let my child Tabi be whole with her daughters.

May 16th 2017 - Arie Honea is my daughter Debra Patrick. I am worried the man my daughter is married to Jackie Honea. They both need God. My ex son in law is worried about his three kids. Dominik,Adam,Alyssia Bennett pray for them for their safety. Jackie hit graNason Dominik at his bottom. Where it bruise him. I am so upset with and worried. I have not heard from my daughter or my grandkids. Arie tried to scheme against my father in law Robert Bruton.Yes he was upset. Robert didn't press charges on Arie. Because Robert loves his granddaughter. Please prayer for safety of my daughter Arie and my grandkids. Let my ex son in law Greg be able to hear from his kids. I pray my grandkids will be with Greg. Arie Honea has some issue with the law. I pray my daughter Arie will face it. God you will be with her. God I pray for Jackie Honea .He needs your help. Jackie went overseas. God help him face his problems. Work on Arie and Jackie marriage.I also ask for immediate attention also.

Sister Debra Patrick
May 16th 2017 - I need prayer for blessing finicial. My husband Robert Patrick is suppose to receive a blessing from Veteran Administration. God knows we need to be able to give our tithes with the radio stations and our church Living Water Ministry.We also been appealing for my father in law to be able to receive his Veteran Benefits.Now also appeal my son Robert Stenson for disablity. Apparently we have to Appeal his case. Because my son is in wheelchair. Receiving funds. When his adopted father worked in the Railroad and he is receiving benefits. So my son receiving those benefits. I pray God will help get all this resolve.I continue to ask God to my all my children all six of them. Devil quit attacking my family. God bless my bless our family will be together. God I need prayer to sing for you again. Help me God touch my throat so I can sing in your name.

Mary C
May 15th 2017 - Please Pray I pass my principals exam. For another job that will fit in my schedule, support for a missions trip and finances.

May 4th 2017 - I Am Redeemed Ministries will be sending a Ministry Team into the Middleton Unit at Abilene Texas on Sunday May 7th 2017. Your Prayers are greatly needed and appreciated.

Apr 28th 2017 - Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victim to save alot place of Scandinavian,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden

Paul Styrvoky
Apr 23rd 2017 - I feel defeated. My Wife of almost 37 years lives and works (because of her job situation) 3 1/2 hours away from our primary residence. My two oldest adult daughters have not spoken to me in over 5 years and I do not even know where they live and do not have any contact information. My youngest adult son lives at home with me and is struggling with work, his future and several substance. I have accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior years ago and have an awesome church family and small group. However, I am requesting more prayers from fellow believers for my family. Thank you. Paul.

William(listener Phone Call)
Apr 14th 2017 - Pray for the Guterriez family of Anson. Julie Guterriez passed away on Tuesday April 11th 2017. You may recall that we prayed for her grandson Randy of Weatherford Tx. who was battling cancer and passed away only a few months ago. All of us at KGNZ will remember Mrs. Guterriez's generosity for her gift of enchiladas & hot sauce they brought to the station. May the Peace of God and the Protection of God be with these dear friends.

Apr 11th 2017 - Please remember Reggie McCorkle who was in a Car wreck Tuesday afternoon in your prayers she is experiencing pain in her neck and her pelvis. Thanks again for yours prayers for Reggie and William McCorkle!

Jeff R.
Apr 7th 2017 - My adult son will have a CT Scan this afternoon to see what is causing a pain in his groin area. Pray for complete healing and they won't find anything wrong.

Lisa O
Apr 5th 2017 - I continue to struggle with my health. I don't know for sure what is going on, but I felt like I might be having a heart attack this morning. Even now, my chest is very sore. Please pray for me that my doctors will help me or that Our Lord Jesus Christ will touch me with His healing hands and restore me.

Mar 29th 2017 - Prayers for the families of the three men killed in a collision near Spur, Tx. 2 of the men were long time storm chasers. The third was alone in the other vehicle. May the Peace of God comfort these folks. Amen

William(listener Phone Call)
Mar 28th 2017 - A Friend of one of our listeners had to take her dad, Jody, to the hospital suddenly on Tues. March 28th., results unknown. please pray for this family and all of those that God will send to minister to them.

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