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Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Feb 13th 2017 - Teleperformance is closing. Pray for those loosing jobs.

Jan Kincaid

Jc Yarra
Jan 30th 2017 - Please pray that I can find a job that will fit my schedule, I am looking for a MOnday thru Friday job. Please pray that I can continue doing good in my private christian university. ALso please pray for piece in the house and that my husband and I will draw closer to each other. ALso please pray for everything that is going on in the world that God will send guidance and protection to our country and those effected by everything. God said that we should love our neighbors and brothers and that there is not one single race in this world. For we were all created equal in his image and that the only race that exsist it the humane race. In heaven there will be people and nationalitys of all color so if we cannot except them here how are we to enter heaven and except them there.

William(listener Phone Call)
Jan 27th 2017 - Partners, please continue to pray for the Alexander family of Eastland. Wife, Rose, passed into the next life and husband, Brandon is raising their children on his own right now.Believe with me that God's Peace is sufficient to dispel the sorrow and that Brandon and his children will trust in God's Faithfulness to always fulfill His Promises.

Jan 24th 2017 - I have been trying o get right with God and I met this girl and we like each other, she wants to have sex but God is tugging at my heart to follow his law, I do not want to have sex with my girlfriend, I want to follow Gods laws, please pray for me.

Jan 23rd 2017 - i need prayer, i lost my husband not long ago and i am struggling financially and spiritually, i know that God is with me and for me i just want to get back to being me, it was 2yrs of illness and taking care of him and i am lost. i pray for peace and for me and my boys.. and i pray for financial rest.

Freda Moore
Jan 20th 2017 - Prayers for healing her name is Morgan she is in Cooks Children's Hospital she had a brain infection and having constant seizures.Doctors are saying it doesn't look good but we know God can change things and heal her please stand in agreement for her healing with us.Amen

Michael Leclair
Jan 19th 2017 - I am looking for prayer in the following areas... 1. Personal protection spiritually, mentally, relationally, and financially 2. Increased faith and hope that translates into God moving in the lives and hearts of people in the River Valley area 3. Increased desire for local Pastors to encourage one another and work together for lives to be changed and God to be glorified in the River Valley area. The enemy loves to keep Pastors separated instead of working together to encourage and help one another. I believe this grieves God as it does not demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5) 4. For God to miraculously begin to deal with many lives that are mentally ill, in bondage to drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, etc. 5. Help and breakthrough for broken families, and for men to begin to see their value and need within their families for the sake of the kids. 6. Increased leading vision, understanding, and direction as God desires and not my own. Again, thank you sooooo much!

William(listener Phone Call)
Jan 19th 2017 - Pray for the family of Rhonda martin who is on Life support at Hendricks Medical Center. The Family is being asked to make decision to remove it.

Gary L. Lewis
Jan 13th 2017 - prayer for( Barry m.-total healing of all his stints-no need for more surgery)-(Freda m. deliverance FROM sciatic nerve pain)( Vickie l.-total recovery for leg injury)(GARY L. -TOTAL HEALING OF MY BODY)-THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS-GOB BLESS KGNZ AND EVERYONE CONACTTED TO THIS MINISTRY!!

Gary L. Lewis
Jan 4th 2017 - PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE FAMILY MEMBERS(A-DEBRA M.) DELIVERANCE FROM COPD(B-DERRINA M). RECOVERY FOM SEVERAL HEART-ATTACKS-C.ELDON G.-RECOVERING FROM HEART-ATTACK-(D.LONNIE g.)-RENEWED HEALTH(E.-FREDA M.)-complete relief from scaitac nerve pain -and slipped discs.-Believing for god to stop this attack of the enemy on love-ones!!thank you for your prayers

J Washington
Jan 2nd 2017 - Please pray for me and my family. We have been without a home of our own for two years now. 5 years ago my marriage ended I one day but on 88.1 I was feeling down blamed him for everything but through the songs God spoke to me I began to read NY bible and pray and all the things I had problems with God gave me grace and I changed. I've strayed away I'm in anew relationship making the same mistakes mostly I know I need God and I've been putting myself on the throne and I need prayer and I miss listening to this music it helped me so much I will too pray for you all God bless love you guys

Dec 31st 2016 - Pray that I would stop struggling against Christ and give him my life and control of it.

Dec 27th 2016 - For Mike to be drawn to God, to see his sin as God does, and to repent and receive Christ as his Savior soon. And that his wife and two kids would do the same!

Dec 13th 2016 - Jesus May your love be with those who deal with drug addiction, and want out of this life, who seek a way out, strengthen those who are strong enough and make the decision to reach out to someone in need, remind us and teach us that you died for all our sins and not just some, and help those when suicide comes in thought, please Lord send your healing power in Jesus name amen

Dec 11th 2016 - For my son to be healed. He is 16 and was going to my church. He couldn't make friends and the one friend he did have stopped talking to him. I allowed him to go to a different church but if he has to go with me to mine sometimes, he is very angry with how he was treated.

Dec 7th 2016 - Please pray for my 9 year old daughter who is going through some bullying/picking on in school. She was so scared to tell us. We had prayer chains going and she opened up to us Saturday night.(Thank you Jesus for answering our prayer) she been going through this in fear of telling anyone.that she has now become OCD in hand washing, her hands are so red and swollen ..please pray for my daughter.that we will get through this with God's help. I believe in Christ our Lord will help us. P.S. her new favorite song is We believe(The Creed) by Hillsong (i think is who sings it) we listen to it at night to before bed..thank you all.GOD BLESS.

Dec 5th 2016 - Please pray for Carol. She is grieving over the death of her husband, and having trouble financially. She behind on car payments and about to be evicted for failing to pay her rent.

Linda Williams
Nov 30th 2016 - Pray For Gloria Patton for Healing For God To Restore Her Health Appetite Weight Strenthen her legs Give Her Energy Take away Her Pain Nausea and Heal her Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Jesus Name.

Nov 29th 2016 - Pray for God's plan and will, for protection and deliverance. A Godly husband and family.

Nov 27th 2016 - I listen to your radio station here in Snyder, I've come to my wits end in my life I'm on drugs I'm hooked on meth I've been a drug user and a alcoholic for about 30 years and I've prayed through my storm cured to God and pleaded to Him to remove thisburden off my life, at one time I thought I was strong enough and went ahead of Jesus and fell back into drugs, I'm reaching out to someone for help, and right now the one thing that is keeping me strong is kgnz, I hear the testimony of the guy that God spared his life from meth and being in prison it always makes me cry because I'm on meth to,I'm going to be a grandpa and I don't need to be on this drug, so thank you and the people who keep this station alive, the music keeps me sting, God bless

Jason Brown
Nov 2nd 2016 - Please pray for Kenna. She lost her job. She has not been able to find another job. Ask God to provide for her needs, give her a good job, deliver her from addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, and lead her to repentance and salvation. Ask God to take away her depression and discouragement, and fill her with joy and peace.

Nov 1st 2016 - Please pray for Joseph. He attempted suicide last night, unsuccessfully. Pray that he will find hope and help for his addiction.

Gary L. Lewis
Nov 1st 2016 - Please pray for jimmy Bentley and others in tragic pipeline accident in Alabama on OCT 31-2016-AND THEIR FAMILIES(ONE PERSON HAS DIED)believing for GOD to turn this tragedy around for his glory.!! Thank you for your prayers!!GOD BLESS KGNZ.THE HILL FAMILY & ALL IT"S LISTENERS & MINISTRY STAFF

John Wood
Oct 31st 2016 - I'm on the edge of being homeless again. I say again, because I lived in my car for a year, lost my job, and now I live in a shed. PLEASE pray for me, as it's going to be getting cold....I have no money to stay at the Salvation Army, and my family is struggling as well. I haven't had much to eat, but when I do eat, it's mostly from dumpsters. I walk around looking for any penny that I can find, but I don't solicit/loiter. I called the suicide hotline because I thought I would be better off just letting it end....but the Lord, and Betty Hardwick, proved that I was wrong. I have a purpose. Everybody does. I need financial help, as well as needing food. Good food, not dumpster food. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!!

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