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May 21st 2016 - Complete and total healing for my mother and peace for her.

Cameron And Missy
May 18th 2016 - pray for Missy who has possible lymphoma cancer

May 13th 2016 - Please Lord bless my sister in law and 2 nieces that were in a terrible head on collision. Thank fully the girls were spared with no more than a scratch! But Rachel, she is a giant jig saw puzzle! lord just be with her infection is setting in to her body! her children are infant, 2 yrs, and 4 yrs. they need their mother and father! We love you and we know you are the almighty healer and whatever happens is your plan.

May 9th 2016 - Pray for my dad who has a carotid artery 80% blocked. They can not do anything until he is over his concussion.

May 7th 2016 - please pray that I don't loose my job, today i made a mistake and I had a no show. The place I work at goes by military time and I misread the time. I was suppose to clock in at 1:00am but instead I clocked in at 1:00pm. Now they have me as a no show and they told me that I might be getting fired over it. Please pray that the decision is to keep my job I am a single mother of 2 boys and I really tried so hard to get this job.

May 6th 2016 - Freda is requesting prayer for her son, Randy, who recently received Jesus Christ has Lord and Savior. He also needs a job as well. We are agreeing for him a job and rejoicing for his salvation.

May 6th 2016 - Praying for Raul and his start up business, Internet Trading. We are agreeing for prosperity in Jesus name! Praise God for KGNZ and the Christian music that keeps up encouraged and uplifted.

May 6th 2016 - Requesting prayer for myself and the family to get Dad's Medicaid paperwork completed. Also praying for families affected by the downturn of the oilfield industry. We are in agreement in Jesus name!

May 6th 2016 - Praying for my dad who is feeling ill and for the oilfield industry to pick up soon. We are in agreement in Jesus name!

May 6th 2016 - Praying for pickup truck to make deliveries for items to bless those in need and to provide the needy with transportation. Pray for the Closet Angels of Albany for continued ministry to those in need. God bless KGNZ for being such a blessing! We agree in Jesus name!

May 6th 2016 - Please pay for the entire family for all needs to be met. We agree in Jesus name!!

May 4th 2016 - Please pray that I make it thru my 96 days of probabtion period at work. It is really hard to get this job. ALso please pray that my job will stop giving me graveyard shifts and only give me morning/ afternoon and evenings and nights only till 11:00. But not graveyard shifts I am a single mother of two boys one with autism so I cannot afford to work graveyards.

Jeff R.
May 3rd 2016 - Please Pray for our son's family problems with their older automobile. On top of storm damage to their home and car, now the car broke down. It will have to be towed and diagnosed. Please pray that what is wrong will not be expensive to repair and that the car will be usable once more. It is needed to drive to his wife's workplace. He and wife are Christians and are both teachers with a small boy.

Daughter Of The King
May 3rd 2016 - This is an answer to prayer. We had our annual inventory today. In the past there has been problems making sure everything was accounted for. Well today we passed with flying colors!!! I've been praying for this, asked others to join me in prayer. It also gave me an opportunity to witness my faith that God IS...WAS...ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!!!

Jeff R.
May 2nd 2016 - Please Pray for our son and family. They are Christians and have storm damage to home and cars in San Antonio. They also had a car break down far from home and are having to borrow a car for work. They are teachers, and under stress as important student statevtesting now happening. Pray for wisdom and calmness in this trouble. Pray their cars can be fixed and brought home.

Apr 29th 2016 - pray for child taking final exam 4/29/16 at 12 noon. needs to pass the exam and pass the class to graduate. child stressed and burnt out. praying for calmness and the Lord's help during the exam. the class has been difficult for child thru out college. may the Lord give grace and mercy so that child can graduate 5/8/16. pray this all in Jesus' HOLY name! Amen!

Apr 27th 2016 - Praying for Sabrina for God's healing touch from Crohn's disease.Thanks again for your prayers!

Apr 27th 2016 - Praying for David Gomez who is being put on dialysis. Thanks again for your Prayers!

Gary & Matt
Apr 27th 2016 - Praying for Todd Decray who is having heart stints put in this morning!Thanks again for your prayers!

Apr 21st 2016 - A sweet 3 year old from my Sunday school class has just been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for healing and peace for his family in this difficult time.

Apr 15th 2016 - I shepherd a small church community of mostly economically challenged believers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been trying to buy property and build a sanctuary for we’ve all along been renting. Please pray for God’s provision towards this so we can reach to more souls.

Apr 12th 2016 - Pray for me for my back and joints to be healed. The pain is getting worst.Jesus heal me from all this pain. I believe and I receive my healing in Jesus Name Amen..

Jeff R.
Apr 6th 2016 - Please pray for my young 20 month old grandson. He has been suffering from stomach problems lately and we don't know what may be causing them. Please pray for healing and so his parents can be relieved and not worry and miss work.

Apr 5th 2016 - For the salvation of my daughter Cassandra

Apr 1st 2016 - Please pray for healing for my son P.. that God will perform a miracle and he will no longer limp and that the swelling will go down and leave his body. That Arthirits will leave his body. That he will no longer have joint problems and be able to walk whole again. That the torn ligament can restore back to a normal state as it was before. Also that His Acl will be gone forever. never to return That he will be whole again. I am standing in faith for a miracle.
Also pray that they will have me working daytimes and not put me to work graveyards. i am a single mother and cannot afford to work graveyards. I love my job.

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