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Prayer Wall

Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Jan 21st 2015 - Praying for Mrs Webb who will be having esophagus surgery, praying that the Lord will guide the the Doctors hands.

Jan 21st 2015 - Praying for Michelle and her Family,as they are in need of the Lords help with their daughter Jessica who is a single mother who is asking for your prayers in dealing with allegations of neglect from CPS. Thanks for your prayers.

Jan 19th 2015 - I just want to say Thank you lord for the joy you bring to my life. I haven't ever been so okay. I love you and appreciate you! Thank you for the sacrifice of your son and our king, Jesus Christ. We love you Jesus. I want to thank you also for he peace and understanding that only you can bring. Guide our paths and let us STRIVE in all that we do to be like you. In your precious and sweet name. Amen

Jan 19th 2015 - Pls pray for VALERIE she was a passenger who was involved in a car wreck Saturday. She was airlifted to a hospital in Dallas with a broken neck, a broken back, both of her ankles are broken, her pelvic is broke, her brain is swollen due to severe head trauma and she is in a medical induced coma. Valerie is 19 yrs old and she has a one year old daughter. Pls be in agreement with me that the Lord Jesus will fully RESTORE her body and that she will reunite with her daughter soon. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors. God bless YOU and Happy New Year!!!

Jan 19th 2015 - Months ago I requested prayer for my cousin MARLON who was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered severe head trauma; Marlon is doing very well. Praise be to God. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors.

Jan 18th 2015 - I am a military veteran since 2010. I just lost my job last year and struggling to find employment. I would like a career and able to support my family. I would like someone to pray for me and my family for survival.

Jan 18th 2015 - Please pray for my 27 year old daughter to become a Christian. She has 2 little boys to raise alone since her husband left her, and one of her little boys has severe autism. She really needs a miracle. She doesn't believe God cares for her. No matter how much we try to show her his love, she has a huge wall up. Her name is Tiffany.

Jan 18th 2015 - Dear Heavenly Father, I have read most of the requests on this prayer wall, and my heart is filled with pain and compassion for each and every one of these people. So I know YOU are for sure dear Lord filled with love, pain, and deep compassion. So I come to you dear Lord, for each of these needs, and I BELIEVE YOU WILL HEAR AND ANSWER them! Amen! To Your Glory Lord! Praise Your Holy Lovely Name!!

Gary & Glenn
Jan 16th 2015 - Praying for Russ who is dealing with (My-stenia-gravis) disease this an autoimmune disorder.Praying for the Lords complete healing!

Gary L. Lewis

Jan 14th 2015 - Praying for Mario who is 10 years old and has a high fever and hasn't eaten in the past 3 days! At this point the doctors are not sure what the problem is at this time. Thanks for your prayers!

Jan 14th 2015 - Praying for Donna and her girls for healing and restoration of their relationship with each other. Also with tax's concerns possibly losing the house. Very Thankful for your prayers at this time!

Penny Rhodes
Jan 13th 2015 - I would like to ask for prayers for my 7 year old grandson Ty. He was hit by a truck on December 29 and will be having back and neck surgery on Thursday at cooks children hospital in Fort Worth. Please pray for the doctors and nurses steady hands during this time. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.Thank you

Jan 6th 2015 - Please pray for God's direction for a job. Stepping out in faith that He will provide a job that won't be stressful for my health. Praying for great 2015.

Dec 26th 2014 - Lord Jesus I know through you all things are possible,and in Jesus name I pray that I will bonus at work and I will be able to do what is needed to keep my job.I pray Lord Jesus that you will also help my husband and Iget approved for the house we need for our say ask and it shall be given unto you,Lord I'm asking and I'm receiving in Jesus name

Dec 26th 2014 - Please pray for my brother, Ruben. He is having health and financial problems that are causing depression.

Jason Brown
Dec 18th 2014 - Please pray for me that God will give me good job to replace the wonderful job I had at KVVO, the best job I ever had, until I had to leave because I could no longer receive paychecks due to insufficient donation money coming in.

Dec 18th 2014 - Please pray for Karissa - she's gone into labor and she's only 29 weeks along. Please pray God's strength for the little one to be vigorous and a fighter, for Karissa and Nathan as they welcome this little one; for the doctors to have God's wisdom in treating this tiny, early baby. Thank you.

Dec 4th 2014 - Please pray for my brother, Mark, who is in a coma due to sepsis, liver, and kidney failure. Years of alcoholism has taken a toll on his health and without a big miracle, he won't make it through this. Pray for God's peace to surround our family, especially my Parents, who have been his main caretakers. Also, please pray for his son, Daniel, who is 18 and watching his father slip away because of drinking. Addiction is so ugly and demonic.

Dec 2nd 2014 - Please pray for Eric. He is a special needs teenager who experienced seizures after surgery. Please pray for God's touch and for strength for his family.

Nov 20th 2014 - Please pray for my Mother, she is elderly and her mind is not as sharp as it once was, she has dementia (possible spelled wrong). My sister's were taking care of her at home, but it was getting to be to much for them to handle. So they recently had to put her in a nursing home and she is not at all happy about the situation. My pray request is for her to begin to understand and calm down so the fine nurse's are able to give her the help that she requires. And Please for my sister's B.& T. for they are feeling quilt for having to do this. Thank you everyone in advance for all the prayer's I am sure will begin to start.

Nov 18th 2014 - Please pray for Richard. He is in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Odessa after a traffic accident.

Diana Kemper
Nov 14th 2014 - Please keep Carolyn Wyatt and family in prayers. Her husband Jeff Wyatt passed suddenly and unexpectedly November 11th. Jeff was an example of Christ's love and impacted so many lives. We know Jeff is in Heaven but he will so be missed here on earth. Please ask and pray in faith that God will provide all resources needed for the Wyatt family to help with loss of income and funeral expenses. Pray for strength,comfort and a peace that would surpass all understanding.

Nov 8th 2014 - Please pray for my son's dog to be found. He has been missing for 11 days. Stanley has been his companion for the last 6 years through his divorce and after his deployment to Afghanistan.

Oct 16th 2014 - for dawn patterson
her step father Larry Mason was admitted to hendrickmedical center he needs to have a valve replacement done within 24 hrs. he is not doing well he is very weak and has a hard time breathing.

dawn's mother also needs prayers for her outbreak of shingles her name is loneta

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