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Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Sister Patrick
Feb 1st 2016 - I am sorry i didn't get in touch with yall.Over my younger daughter Arieanne situation.This is a testimony .I had my grandkids for christmas. They had a good christmas with their mom. I didn't have to give them just a football. When we went to my Aunt Ann house her kids and in law and themselves.I lost my mom because she went home with the lord. Guess what it was like my mom was there my grandkids had a wonderful gift. They were so excited.I had to say Than you Jesus.I may be on disablity god was looking out for us.Amen

Jan 27th 2016 - Heavenly father forgive all our sins. Set me completely free from all evil thoughts which drag me to hell, touch & heal our body & mind, give rest & peace of mind, convict my husband to confess his sin, DESTROY all their evil plans against us, help my daughter in her study, give her wisdom, protect us from all infections, keep us healthy & happy, protect me at my work place, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen

Karina Valdez
Jan 22nd 2016 - Prayers requests for my sister in law she is diagnosed with cervical sarcoma cell cancer she is with some many health problems due to this cancer, at this moment the doctors don't give us much help but hospice for her final days but I'm requesting prayers for the Lord to manifest himself over her life we believe he is the only one with the power to heal her, please help us, so the Lord will hear our prayers. Thanks P.S. my sister in law name is Carmen.

Gary & Larry
Jan 20th 2016 - Hey Gary would you have listeners pray for one of the individuals we serve, her name is Tara, she is in ICU fighting severe pneumonia. Prayer for infection to be healed , for lungs to be cleared and her health completely restored. Pray for her mom , dad and family.
Thank You!!

Jan 8th 2016 - Prayer for Freddy who had chest pains. He is having test run to find out the problem.

Gary L. Lewis
Jan 7th 2016 - please pray for (a) Shaeli H. -17 years old-believing for deliverance for rebellious spirit & the spirit of suicide. (b)Larry Gilmore_ _total healing and deliverance from severe attack of cellulitis-(c) Ellis Poindexter-restoration of leg-(not amputation) severe diabetes-d. Connie Lewis- major back surgery-Jan.25-2016-believing for miraculous recovery- thank for your prayers. God please bless KGNZ staff and answer all the prayer wall prayers .for your glory LORD-JESUS.

Jan 6th 2016 - Please lift up my wife, Susan, to the Lord. She has battled anxiety and depression for over 5 years. And really wants to be healed so she can go back to work and/or volunteer with some ministry. Thank you so much!

Crystal Talamantes
Jan 4th 2016 - My daughter is 16 and I have never been to court for child support. We will be going tomorrow and I'm requesting that everything goes well and it doesn't get prolonged and we solve as soon as possible and that God favors in our request.

Gary & Craig
Dec 29th 2015 - Please add Mark Willis to the listener prayer list. He is fighting cancer.

Dec 22nd 2015 - Dec.22,2015 I got good report over my daughter. God being sending them help. Even though she can't get help with her financial. God knows has been helping her. God knows it has been hard on me. my health with my hands also the issue my neck and my back. So pray for me.

Long Time Listener & Prayer Partner
Dec 16th 2015 - Family restoration, employment for a son, upcoming court case and decision.

Debra Patrick
Dec 15th 2015 - Dec.15 2015 7:44 am I am asking prayer for young mother. Who is working two jobs. Has three beautiful children.She lives at cisco,Tx at Conrad Hilton Blvd Apt.8 in Cisco,Tx Apartments.Rent is 325.00 and probation is 185.00. This for my daughter Arie. She has no vehicle. Also prayer for my oldest daughter Tabi. Help quit feeling sorry for herself. She needs prayer and also need a vehicle. Her relationship with the fathers child. Is very rocky. They are not married. And they are living together with my younger son Tim. And her older half sister Janie. They are needing help with rent. They are just a month behind. At least they are showing to the landlord they are paying. The reason I am asking for prayer. My kids donít realize going back and forth to work is tiring for me.The schedule of my oldest child Tabi.Doesnít realize it time to get license. Even my youngest who went to Cisco does have a license either. Being a mom and when your kids are adults. I give them to God. Let God be in control when I get the call mom.This a mother who needs prayer. Financially hoping her husband receive his SSDI. And god know I need to also support this program. I love the music and the update music.Prayer for a Christmas Mom

Dec 14th 2015 - Please pray for our church and team and our town Lexington,OK we just had a powerage and please pray for me to finish my senior yr.

Nov 24th 2015 - I am asking for praying for my daughter .But my youngest daughter Arie. My daughter isn't making good decision. The man she is with. She doesn't let him work. Her spirit need to be secure with God. And doesn't want to face that issue. Also prayer for financial so i can be able to help the christian radio station. And prayer for our church (Living Water ministries).and prayer for all the church to grow with God. Let them know God is in control.

Terry Balderas
Nov 23rd 2015 - Lord pls fix the computers and transformers and everything to be up and working Lord pls Bless KGNZ with brand new equipment for the complete station Nothing is impossible with u I am Blessed Listening and giving but u know my heart Lord I thank u Lord for KGNZ and all who operate it daily Bless them and all their Families And all who listen and new comers that will be Blessed I love and greatly appreicate Abilenes Christian Radio involved in our Community and gives Hope In Jesus Name Amen

Nov 14th 2015 - i need prayers to go out for my mom betty crook in memphis tennessee.she has been in hospital isolation since may 2015.please pray for her recovery or passing shes 85,needs all our prayers,suffering.

Jeff Elrod
Nov 12th 2015 - My name is Jeff. I am single father of 3 Beautiful kids, 17,14,2 yrs old. I've never felt so blessed to have the privilege and honor to guide them, to poor out all I have, to which everything I have, comes from him, above. This year has been so challenging. I've been out of work for 7 1/2 months, falling on my back at work. I hurt daily. I know God is going to heal me. My 14 year old daughter has been struggling at school. She hides her pain, but I know. She is a victim of Bulling, all because she is different. I tell her all the time, I am here, anytime, anywhere, but my heart breaks. Its my prayer daily, that she clings to Him, her savior, providing strength, comfort, and the courage to stand in Him. Last Year at this time, I took her to the Casting Crowns Concert at University of Texas at Arlington. It was only me, her, God ,and the Holy Spirit. I got to see my 14 yr old baby stand up, raising both of her hands, praising God with all she is. It was amazing! I think my daughter might be upset for me writing all of this, but as tears of fall on this keyboard, I wish she could be happy and joyful she was that night. For some reason, I found out Casting Crowns are playing tomorrow in Abilene, TX. By the time I found out, the concert is sold out. For the unknown reason why I'm on here asking for prayer for my daughter McKayla for strength, for comfort, prayers to bring joy and to know she is not alone. Please prayers for me, that My Savior is with me standing firm, re affirming His word in my heart, providing his light for me to walk in. 817-964-8158

Nov 9th 2015 - Please pray for Arthur Lewis. He had hip replacement surgery back in July. There were complications, and they are working to get his breathing stabilized. Please pray for God's healing power to restore him completely.

Nov 9th 2015 - Been listening KGNZ every morning while I take my son to school. We listen and pray with your morning prayers. I need prayers for my family. I been struggling with life issues and direction.(illness, death and finances) I love the Lord with all my heart and I know he is with me. This past couple of years been hard..thanks and God Bless you.

Oct 24th 2015 - Please pray for God's healing of a parasite that I contracted last year. It's causing stomach issues. Also, please pray for God to grant me a long life, and that he will resolve an unspoken issue in my life.

Oct 21st 2015 - Facing consequences of a bad decision I made. This would result in me eliminating myself. Please pray for deliverance and grace for me.

Oct 21st 2015 - Please pray for Margaret. She is scheduled to have cancer surgery in Lubbock Thurday morning, October 22.

Oct 21st 2015 - Please pray for me. I have back surgery scheduled November 3rd.

Sep 29th 2015 - A friend and I are struggling with depression despite trying lots of different things. Please pray for victory!

Sep 22nd 2015 - We ask you to join with us as we lift up our listeners and those that underwrite with the radio station ,we want to lift up our friends in Breckenridge at Gaylen's body shop and are thankful for their support and we ask for the Lord's richest blessing to bless Joel and his team at Gaylen's body shop . Thank You for your prayers.

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