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Prayer Wall

Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Dec 4th 2014 - Please pray for my brother, Mark, who is in a coma due to sepsis, liver, and kidney failure. Years of alcoholism has taken a toll on his health and without a big miracle, he won't make it through this. Pray for God's peace to surround our family, especially my Parents, who have been his main caretakers. Also, please pray for his son, Daniel, who is 18 and watching his father slip away because of drinking. Addiction is so ugly and demonic.

Dec 2nd 2014 - Please pray for Eric. He is a special needs teenager who experienced seizures after surgery. Please pray for God's touch and for strength for his family.

Nov 20th 2014 - Please pray for my Mother, she is elderly and her mind is not as sharp as it once was, she has dementia (possible spelled wrong). My sister's were taking care of her at home, but it was getting to be to much for them to handle. So they recently had to put her in a nursing home and she is not at all happy about the situation. My pray request is for her to begin to understand and calm down so the fine nurse's are able to give her the help that she requires. And Please for my sister's B.& T. for they are feeling quilt for having to do this. Thank you everyone in advance for all the prayer's I am sure will begin to start.

Nov 18th 2014 - Please pray for Richard. He is in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Odessa after a traffic accident.

Diana Kemper
Nov 14th 2014 - Please keep Carolyn Wyatt and family in prayers. Her husband Jeff Wyatt passed suddenly and unexpectedly November 11th. Jeff was an example of Christ's love and impacted so many lives. We know Jeff is in Heaven but he will so be missed here on earth. Please ask and pray in faith that God will provide all resources needed for the Wyatt family to help with loss of income and funeral expenses. Pray for strength,comfort and a peace that would surpass all understanding.

Nov 8th 2014 - Please pray for my son's dog to be found. He has been missing for 11 days. Stanley has been his companion for the last 6 years through his divorce and after his deployment to Afghanistan.

Oct 16th 2014 - for dawn patterson
her step father Larry Mason was admitted to hendrickmedical center he needs to have a valve replacement done within 24 hrs. he is not doing well he is very weak and has a hard time breathing.

dawn's mother also needs prayers for her outbreak of shingles her name is loneta

Carla In Graham
Oct 10th 2014 - I would like to ask others to join me in praying for the KGNZ Fund Raiser next week. God bless you and God bless KGNZ.

Oct 6th 2014 - asking prayers for my brother Ray, he is having surgery on his shoulder, thank you

San Angelo Listener
Sep 29th 2014 - Please pray for God's healing and for justice for the hit and run driver that ran into me. I suffered severe injuries that will require hospitalization for several weeks.

Sep 19th 2014 - I am in serious need of prayer for my car. My husband let someone use it and they have not brought it back. I owe less than $100 on it, and I need it for work.

Stella S. Luna
Sep 17th 2014 - I ask for prayer for my son Selic A. Luna, after graduating from University of San Diego, he had doubts God existed. He questioned everything and even now we have tried to speak to him. I know God has been dealing with him. But I long to see him come to the feet of the Cross and totally give his life to Christ. God bless you all.

Terry Balderas
Sep 5th 2014 - I'm requesting Prayer for Bill Lydy not feeling I believe God will change Dr Reports to a positive I believe in the Power of Prayer asking KGNZ to Pray for Brother Bill thank you and God Bless

Sep 5th 2014 - Please pray the father of my baby girl comes back home after a big argument he left us and it's been a week .

Sep 1st 2014 - Please pray for my wife Tracy who is having surgery. I would ask please for God's leading, wisdom, and skill for the medical personnel, His total healing and protection for Tracy, and for His protection for all our family. Thank you, Rob

Aug 29th 2014 - Please pray for protection from harmful allergies and the pain that is resulting from them. Please pray for deliverance and protection always. Thanks!

Aug 29th 2014 - Please pray for protection of a Christian woman is being threatened by a man that exposed himself to her. There are others around her who don't believe her and don't help to protect her.

Terry Balderas
Aug 29th 2014 - Thank You Lord For Rain! The Weather tonight said no more rain we will have a dry weekend Praise God it's been raining had to get my lab inside since I bought a sign at KGNZ first week of August I've seen several sprinkles here and and rain our Faith I thank KGNZ I love them they amazing people who care like Jesus does!

Aug 29th 2014 - Please pray for a Christian who is being falsely accused and persecuted. Please pray for protection of their career and God's direction and guidance. Pray that God will provide and and that no one will be deceived. Thank you!

Aug 26th 2014 - Would like to ask for prayers for my mom who is the hospital. Doctors have said that her kidneys are to shut down she's not eating and barely drinking water. She is a Christian she gave her life to Christ several years ago. Just want her last days here to be as comfortable as possible. I am one of her sons..Thank you

Aug 21st 2014 - Thank you for your prayer wall, so many people are in need for prayers and may God hear all our prayers. I am a mother who has two grown children battling drug & alcohol additions. I pray that all bondages and all un Godly soul ties to their life's be disconnect. In the name of Jesus. Thank You

Aug 19th 2014 - Heavenly father I know ONLY prayers can change my life, I am all alone. Father forgive all our sins, take complete control of myself, my cruel husband & my daughter, devil may not touch us till we all come to YOU. Father compelled my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery & repent. I am broken & have become very weak mentally & physically, I cannot bear this pain any more, keep me & my daughter healthy. Father shower YOUR blessings of peace, love, joy, happiness. Father show his sister ,her son & Aunts that YOU are with me, destroy all their plans & protect us, show them the truth. Father help my daughter in her study. Father with rolling tears on my knee I beg for YOUR mercy, since 3 years restore my 19 years of marriage, protect me at my work place my higher authority may not harm me, hide identity. IJN Amen

Aug 19th 2014 - Lord Jesus, I praise your Name, Lord Jesus. You are my all in all. I thank you for these heartfelt prayers and many more that only you know about. I ask for your help too, Oh Lord Jesus; my son needs you. He needs guidance and counsel that only you can give. He knows you Lord Jesus; but he needs a relationship with you. He needs to get on his knees and cry out to you, because You are our Help in every known situation known to man/woman. Again, I praise your name Oh Lord Jesus; Take captive my thoughts and reign in my heart for your kingdom's sake. Amen.

Pam Young
Aug 11th 2014 - Please pray for me, I was told I have MS, it will be two years next Feb. 2015, I had a lot of faith in the start but now my faith is not as strong, the fatigue is hard for me to handle. Pleas pray for me, because I do not feel like God is hearing my prayers. I have other problems, but the fatigue is hard for me to handle. I still am trying to work a full time job. Pleas God hear my prayer for help.

Aug 5th 2014 - Please pray for my brother Stephen who has had colon surgery and is still facing 2 more surgeries. He is self employeed and having financial troubles as well.

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