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Gary Lewis

Edmund Krzeminski
Jul 10th 2015 - Hello, Please pray for: 0. Poland, freedom from religion to God through Jesus Christ, 0. Church in the USA - Matt. 3.12 1. stirring up the service to the God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel,working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter (also God's direction for his life and understanding for him what to study or work) and Ann( Ann needs husband), 3. God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. One of my bosses is unjust, unkind to me. Thank you. Edmund Krzeminski

Jul 10th 2015 - Pray for Arthur Lewis who has dealing with a UTI. Pray for a quick recovery and that he'll gain strength.

Jul 9th 2015 - just an update on baby Tearon, Father God has called him home. Thank you for all the prayer support. Please continue to hold his family in your prayers as they adjust to life here without his physical presence.

Jul 9th 2015 - Hello I am in need of prayer for my sister, she just tried committing suicide and she is on so many depression meds. She has been in denial of situation but now it has happened and I am believing that Yeshua will rise and rule and reign in her spirit for deliverance and healing of her broken heart. Which is why she is in this condition now. The devil is a liar.

Jul 7th 2015 - urgent--22 month old baby Tearon choked yesterday at daycare and was careflighted to Cooks. He is on life support but doctors have told the family there is no brain activity. Family is praying for a miracle with complete restoration of all brain function. Please pray.

Jul 6th 2015 - Update on 55 yr.old man (May 25 & June 11 prayer list) PTL! No surgery necessary - no more bleeding on brain - head trauma has been given 6 to 9 mo. for enough healing to perhaps resume his regular job. He is receiving care and working some part-time. Pray for finances and proper assistance. Pray for complete healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He needs: restoration of sound thinking and memory - no more suicidal thoughts - Christian brothers that he can trust to minister God's love and the breaking of trauma, abuse, addiction, and generational bondages.

Jul 6th 2015 - Please pray for my niece, Suzanne. She has a mental health problem, but refuses to acknowledge it. Please pray for her to accept treatment, and for God's blessings for her.

Jun 24th 2015 - I have been having recurring headaches almost everyday for the past 3 months. I thank God that he has been with me everyday through this. I pray he will heal my headaches with his healing hand. THANK YOU LORD FOR NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE!!!

Jeanne A
Jun 24th 2015 - Pray that I can get a job working as a receptionist for a local doctor. I have much experience in that area and I have an interview tomorrow (6-25) morning, I am not being treated right at my present position. Thank You!

Jun 20th 2015 - Please pray for God's strength to help me get through a trial.

Jun 11th 2015 - Continue praying for the 55 yr. old man on this prayer list on May 25 who was traveling back to Abilene with a bleeding head injury. Praise the Lord he miraculously returned to Abilene even with limited concentration from the extreme pain from injuries. The ER found bleeding on his brain and a second test showed it stopped, but now it is bleeding again. Pray for wisdom for doctors as he is now (June 11) being sent to Ft. Worth to see a neurosurgeon. Pain medication has not helped and he was suicidal 2 days ago and not thinking clearly. Pray healing, deliverance, and restoration in Jesus name!

For Sarah And Cody
Jun 10th 2015 - LORD INTERVENE NOW, PRAY for my son in law Cody to love & be devoted to my daughter, his wife, Sarah, like Jacob loved and was devoted to his wife, Rachel, in the bible. its says in genesis 29:20 that Jacobs love for Rachel was so great, years of pursuing her felt like days and in Song of songs 6:3 it says: I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.- I pray this kind of love and devotion over my son in law Cody for his wife, my daughter, Sarah, for all of their days together. may they be long, healthy, happy, faithful, devoted, loving, united, selfless, giving, romantic, fun, happy, prosperous,pursuing, whole, sound together, by God's grace. May they ALWAYS be delivered from everyONE and from everyTHING that is NOT from our Lord God Almighty. Rebuke the enemy, FOREVER block every strange woman, man and teaching from them & from their relationship/marriage/life together in Jesus Name, Lord protect them in all their ways and may You always be at the center of their love and life together. Let Cody ALWAYS actively, willingly, intently, lovingly, faithfully, joyfully, purposefully, continuously, & permanently pursue only Sarah, with Christ, ALL OF THEIR DAYS, STARTING IMMEDIATELY, in Jesus our Savior and King of kings Name, we pray, Amen. Hallelujah!!!

Samantha (abilene)
Jun 10th 2015 - I want to thank all of yall for your prayers about our childrens dental work that is needing to be done. The Lord has blessed us with the financial problem that we had with this...our daughter goes in tomorrow to get her work done and the price for our sons surgical procedure was knocked down drastically!!! Thank you Lord!!! Please keep us in your prayers as we go in tomorrow with our little girl and as we go in for our son. The date has not yet been set for his procedure.

Helen Hopkins
Jun 9th 2015 - Please bring Kay Procopio before the Lord in prayer; 10 years ago, Kay was in a awful vehicle accident. Although we have seen God's miracles repeatedly throughout Kay's recovery, she is still in need of 2 possibly 3 scalp reconstruction surgeries (Much like breast reconstruction for a woman with cancer). After finally being able to get insurance and the insurance company approving the surgery, and Kay even being able to find a doctor who would be willing to perform this type of procedure. Kay went through appointments, testing, and even her pre-op when someone at the insurance company came back and denied the surgeries, stating they are cosmetic. You see Kay was scalped, and although at the time of the accident most of her scalp was reattached, there is a fist sized portion that they could not find, so the doctors were forced to place a skin graft as a temporary fix since her other injuries were considered more life threatening. Unfortunately, the money ran out and Kay has never been able to get her head fixed. Her daughter is attempting to raise the money through fund raisers for Kay. Please pray for her success that she is able to raise the $36,000 needed(cash price worked out with the surgeons and hospital). and please pray for Kay as she is suffering from severe depression as a result of set back after set back. a Go-Fund me page has been set up to try to help, I ask God's blessing upon the entire situation as I have seen my sister go from a beautiful outgoing person to one who hides from life due to her appearance. This is not just a cosmetic surgery.

Gary & Sabrina
Jun 3rd 2015 - Please remember Marley in prayer she is a high school student from Abilene, she was in horrible accident and is now on life support. She recently took a turn for the worse,please pray for the Lord's healing power to completely heal this young lady. Thank You for your prayers!

Debbie W.
May 26th 2015 - Please pray for man named James. I just met him yesterday. Recently released from hospital. No home, no job, no car and no money. No phone. He is temporarily okay, and I mean temporarily as in a few days only. But more than earthly things he needs a personal visit with Jesus. He needs life promised in that river that will never run dry. Never thirst again. He told me life has made him an old man and he is not old. He is till young. Thank you for your prayers for James.

May 26th 2015 - asking prayer for my daughter Stephanie and her family and baby to be . thank you!!! God is Good All the Time!!

May 25th 2015 - May 25 2015 - A 55 yr. old man traveling alone near Houston was beaten badly by a relative he went to help. He refused to stay in the hospital there, and left against doctor orders even though he needs stitches on his face, and the BACK OF HIS HEAD KEEPS BLEEDING. He stubbornly insists on driving back to Abilene tomorrow 5-26 in this condition to go to the doctor here. Pray for healing MIRACLES of binding up of all wounds, no more bleeding, no concussion or brain damage, and safe return to Abilene. Pray Deliverance from spirits of death, depression, rejection, anger, suicide, & addictions. Pray for him to receive the healing power of Jesus and to know that God can use him mightily no matter his background. This man has endured much trauma and abuse in his life since childhood and wants to help others, but generational bondages must be broken in Jesus name to break the cycle of despair and early death.

Samantha (abilene)
May 22nd 2015 - Please please pray for a friend her father tragically passed away this week due to a motorcycle accident. Lord I lift this family up to you and I pray that you wrap your arms around them in this time of pain and grief. Lord give them peace and healing, fill them with your spirit Lord to let them know that they will get through this and that everything will be ok. Amen

May 20th 2015 - Urge, you fast & pray for me Heavenly father forgive all OUR sins, SAVE our souls, deliver us from devil, restore our 20 years of marriage, help my husband to repent, open his eyes to see his wife & daughter, help us to love & forgive each other, help me to forget the PAST, give rest & peace to my mind & body, take complete control of ourselves (mind, thought, body, soul), keep us healthy & happy, help my daughter in her study, destroy all evil plans against us, protect me at my work place no one may harm me, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen

May 19th 2015 - Please pray for my family we took our children to the dentist and they both need some work done especially our son he will have to go into surgery we are short on funds and we know that anything is possible with God and that if we pray about it this will be possible for us to do it may take some time but it can be done. Lord I know in my heart everything with be ok and that the extra prayers will be helpful in your loving name I pray Amen!

May 18th 2015 - I am wanting to quit smoking I ask that we all pray for God to give me the strength to do this. I know it will be hard as I have done it before and keep on going back to it. Lord give me the strength to kick this habit for good!!!

May 18th 2015 - Please pray for my husband. He has a pretty bad too the ache and there's nothing we can do for it! Father I come to you right now and lift my husband up to you Lord take his pain and heal this infection he has in his Jesus name I pray Amen

May 15th 2015 - Pray for favor to be able to have Bible verses display at work.

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