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Need someone to come together with you in agreement via prayer? Post your prayer up on the wall to receive the prayer support of others!

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Apr 24th 2015 - I have PTSD and bipolar disorder due to many bad things that occurred when I was in the military, please pray for me, the VA, has denied my claim once and am now resubmitting with more evidence.

Gary & Carolyn
Apr 23rd 2015 - A E-mail prayer request from Carolyn Walden with the Discovery Center.
Dear family and friends,
Thank you for your continued prayers for Tommy. He is still in ICU in a guarded condition since his heart rate is still too high. Please pray that he can rest properly to allow the medicine to work for his heart. Due to this present condition he cannot have visitors yet.
Love and blessings, Carolyn

Gary & Donna
Apr 23rd 2015 - Donna ask for prayer for her friend Michelle who is battling breast cancer at this time. Lord we give you praise thank you for your healing touch for Michelle in Jesus Mighty and Powerful Name Amen!

Apr 20th 2015 - Please pray for my sons college they are holding student senate elections and my son happens to be running Daniel and his Partners Jimmy and Jessica are running. Please pray for a strong start middle and end and that they can get elected and win in the student elections. Our campus needs God fearing chriatians that want to make a differnce for Jessus and on campus. The others that they are running against are atheiest and muslims. If they win they will bring there beliefs to campus It's time that the school sees the light of christ.

Apr 20th 2015 - Please pray for the resotration of a soulmate relationship that Jen and Patrick had. They were very very close and they are God fearing and equally yoke but the enemy came and caused trouble with there relationship and now they wont talk to each other. Please pray that God will unite there love stronger then ever and that they can come and grow closer then ever before. That nothing will come between them and what God had united together.

Gary & Jared's Mom
Apr 16th 2015 - Please lift up Jared in your prayers as he is dealing with hip problems which is causing pain in his leg. Jared is in a wheel chair and has cerebral palsy. Praying for the Lord to touch and heal Jared in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Gary & Susan
Apr 16th 2015 - Asking for your prayers for Jack Hill(One of the Founders of KGNZ Radio)as he is dealing with prostate cancer. Praying for the Lord's mighty healing touch to take away the cancer in his body!

Gary & Holley
Apr 16th 2015 - Please remember Brianna in your prayers,she went to the doctor with back pain, and the doctor gave her the diagnosis of severe scoliosis.Praying for the Lord's Mighty healing touch! In Jesus Name Amen!

Gary & Holley
Apr 16th 2015 - Please remember Joanne in your prayers as she is battling cancer. Lord Thank You that you are our healer and you are greater than cancer or any disease that we may face! Lord we give you praise in Jesus Name Amen!

Apr 14th 2015 - I am asking prayer for my daughter Anna whom is suffering financially and oppression and depression . She is giving up and wanting to just walk away from her children . She feels she is not able to provide and produce good in their lives. My daughter has raised 5 beautiful children and 2 have graduated another is about to . 2 left in school at Cooper now. She has raised all five as single mother and has done well. She has a felony on her record and is struggling to get a job that will allow her to be able to be home at night or to get her 3 children that work to get to and from work. Please pray for peace and deliverance of these oppressing and depressing spirits and migraines that keeps her sleeping and in a dark room all day.. Pray that she keeps fighting the good fight and not give up.

Gary & Chad
Apr 12th 2015 - Please remember Chad White's dad in your prayers. He is in the hospital at this time dealing with low oxygen levels as well with stomach issues. Thank You again for your prayers for Mr.White.

Apr 7th 2015 - Please pray with me for my brother, Jim, and his financial situation. There are 3 adults and 2 children, he is the only one working, and his bills are larger than his income. I am convinced that the Lord has a solution. His ways are greater than ours if we just let go and give it to Him.

Apr 6th 2015 - Please pray for me today. God had really worked and I was able to get a new car, but it has already been wrecked. I am feeling angry at God and the person who wrecked it. I know God is still on the throne. I have full coverage but I am just anxious and don't know what to do. Having a hard time concentrating at work. If God took care of it once I know he can do it again, but I am just at the end of my rope today.

Crystal Talamantes
Apr 1st 2015 - My husband got a demotion and I have also been struggling at work.We have also been having to take our 11yr old to a neurologist they are trying too figure out if she has a train tumor or a disease called chairi.malformation.

Mar 30th 2015 - Please pray for provisions for my family and I. I am a single mom and so is my oldest daughter. My check was short due to illness and so was hers. Prayers we can pat all of our bills, health and healing.
Please pray for my daughter--Tina--she is separated, single mom, fighting to get by. Pray for my granddaughters safety home from visiting her dad in Minnesota.
Please pray for Neal to have a better relationship with both of his daughters.

Mar 28th 2015 - Please pray for Alicia bowers. She is in ICU IN CRITICAL but stable condituin after being found with no pulse or resperations

Gary L. Lewis
Mar 23rd 2015 - Please pray for Maxine M.- Her deliverance from a massive stroke and all it's symptoms. and her salvation.(Bertha Jean G.- her deliverance from stage-4- cancer and all it's symptoms, and her salvation. THANK YOU JESUS for ANSWERING ALL THESE PRAYERS ON THIS PRAYER WALL. GOD Bless KGNZ..

Mar 21st 2015 - I am asking for prayer for my daughter and children, I realize that I am very opinionated at times and have caused pain and suffering for my children and their children and am asking for God to heal all of our broken hearts and to bring peace and restoration with each other. I am a Christian and have a very high standard in being a child of the Most High God. I ask for forgiveness with my responses at times.

Mar 4th 2015 - Please pray for Channing. He was born in Weatherford on Tuesday, March 3rd with a blood disorder. Please pray that God will heal him completely and quickly.

Mary C.
Mar 3rd 2015 - Thank you for agreement in prayer with me for my sister Gina. I am asking God's favor for a part-time job for Gina to keep her from being oppressed and depressed. She struggles with tremors and does not feel comfortable working in a big surrounding. So please agree for an open door as she asks for a job , where I work p-time with Love and Care Ministries. Let God's favor shine on her as she starts this new journey. Blessings

Mar 3rd 2015 - Pls pray for LOUISE she fell in her kitchen and broke her FIMMER BONE. She is scheduled for surgery TODAY. She is Bobby's sister and there is a slight change in his condition. He is opening his eyes but there is NO RESPONSE. Pls continue to pray for this family and declare miracles by faith in Jesus name. Amen. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and God Bless You.

Mary C.
Feb 22nd 2015 - Asking for agreement in prayer for my sister Gina that is going thru divorce and she needs covering from suicidal thoughts, self-destruction. Pray for restoration in relationship because I know there is nothing my father in heaven wouldn't do for her. Pray for peace and comfort in her spirit. Blessings

Feb 22nd 2015 - Pls pray for BOBBY he was in a very bad car wreck in Dallas Tx. He is in a coma, he is on life support, he has a broken spine and the doctors are saying he will be "paralyzed"...Bobby opened his eyes for a brief second Friday but went back to sleep. Pls pray for his mother, JULIA, because she is severly DEPRESSED because she cannot do anything to help him and as his mother she is just torn up!!...Pray for Roscoe, Steve, Johnny, Louise and Michelle. These are Bobby's siblings. They're very CLOSE to him and they're having a hard time dealing with what has happened to him. Thank You Prayer Partners and Prayer Warriors. I'll keep you posted. God bless you and your family.

Feb 22nd 2015 - VALERIE is out of her medical induced coma. She's been awake for over a week now. She has a long recovery but SHE is alive and she is doing as well as can be expected, Praise God!! Again, Thank You for being in agreement with me for her life!!...HALLELUJAH...TO THE KING...( JESUS)

Feb 21st 2015 - Please be in prayer for my sister Gina that is going to a traumatic change in her life. Husband has filed for divorce and she is been put out in street due to issues in there marriage of drinking alcohol. Both have issues but he is in denial. He claims he still loves her but refuses to live together anymore. I am praying for deliverance and restoration for their love. She is suicidal and has no desire to live, pray for strength due to she used to be an addict to meth.. The lord delivered her of that lifestyle, but she is broken down and says she doesn't see herself here in this world much longer. She doesn't want to live !!!!

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