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Oct 24th 2016 - I have lymphedema in the legs. My lymph fluids do not return after they go to my extremities of my legs. I have to apply pressure bandages for them to do so. -- Recently I have discovered that my skin on my left leg is breaking down. Fluids seems to be oozing from my leg. Hopefully I can go to the doctor, and have them clean it up and tell me my skin can heal. Otherwise I could be talking about losing my leg.

Daughter Of The King
Oct 24th 2016 - My Mom will be having heart valve replacement surgery November 10 at Hendricks. She has been very ill this year and very weak. My step-dad has beginning stages of dementia and has had health issues. She is the primary caregiver for him. My brother lives in Abilene, my husband and I live in Stamford. It's been hard trying to work together to take care of them. We have no one else to help us. Please pray for my family.

Oct 20th 2016 - Dear Heavenly Father,please release me from all my poverty and debt curse,all my unseen curse,in Christ Jesus.Amen

Oct 18th 2016 - Prayer for my friend who has had a heart transplant and is having surgery to have cancer removed from behind his ear. Prayers that the doctors will get all of it and that everything would go well.

Veronica Martin-smith
Oct 14th 2016 - I'm planning to move to Colorado to go to Bible college and am in need of finances to pursue this calling.

Karin Alger
Oct 14th 2016 - My husband - Robert - may have nerve damage in his legs, making him unable to complete his work as a mechanic. He's the primary income to support our family. I ask God to intervene in the name of complete healing of my husband and that he may return to full capabilities.

Debra Patrick
Oct 10th 2016 - I just want to say brother and sisters.we got one child home and now we have another one.we still need help to build and extra bathroom and another bedroom. Keep pray anyone wants to help us or be able to help us with material the address 1325Almond st.Abilene,Tx 79601 We also need help with the roof.

Sep 16th 2016 - Please stand in agreement with me ,my fiance goes to court @10 a.m. today. He is on probation but have a technical violation. We are in high prayers,and asking the Lord for His Powerful Mercy,and getting him reinstated. In Jesus Holy name Amen

Sep 12th 2016 - Standing with the Guttierez Family of Anson believing God for a Miracle for their grandson Randy who lives in Weatherford. Randy is 16 years old and has been diagnosed with Leukemia for the past three years and has undergone numerous treatments. We prayed for Randy a couple of months ago and his condition improved, but now the doctor's reports are not good, so they are asking us for Prayer and Encouragement again. The family is also going through financial difficulties due to the cost of the many treatments and medications and are facing the loss of their home. Randy is a dedicated believer in Jesus and prepared for whatever lies ahead. Let's all stand together and believe God with Randy and his Family for the Miracle working Power of the Almighty God we serve to manifest itself in this young man's life.

Sep 12th 2016 - Please pray for my husband(Edward). Legal matter to be in his Favor and it been done before. Let his Attorney call Edward and give him the great news that we one the case Amen.

Crystal T.
Sep 7th 2016 - Have a government interview tomorrow , need prayers that all goes well.

Sep 3rd 2016 - Pray for grandchildren who lost their great grandma. Pray for God's peace.

Debra Patrick
Sep 3rd 2016 - I want to say Thank you for prayer for my husband Robert Patrick found his kids. We also asking for prayer and donation. We need close thousand dollars to be able to get my husband kids. His son Robbie Stenson is 22yrs old is his own guardian. He is in a wheel chair. His daughter Shanae Stenson is 23 yrs old. We praying her guardian will let us be able to get her and bring her home. She has electric chair. We are asking for prayer also to be able to get Home improvement to get the house .Where we live will extend two more bedroom. and make there bathroom handicap accessible for them. We just pray for able to make living room and kitchen and dinning room wider. So it will be accessible. In jesus name let there be where god will make away.

Sep 1st 2016 - Please remember Valda in your prayers she will be having a heart cath next Thursday morning at 10:30am, praying for peace and the good Lords healing touch to be upon Valda's entire body in Jesus Name Amen!

Jeff R.
Aug 22nd 2016 - Please pray for my elderly Mother who is in a nursing home and declining in health with dementia complications. She is 93 and was referred to hospice care, but she may not qualify, because the nursing home is not giving Hospice complete information about her condition. Please pray that she can get on with hospice, because she will be better cared for.

Alfred Brown Jr
Aug 11th 2016 - Prayer Request:For a Miracle!!!
Please pray for me.I need your healing prayers.I am 68 years old. I suffer from heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes has caused kidney problems and liver problems( I do not drink or smoke) I will be most happy for your help in prayer. Please pray for my miracle. I also suffer from Depression and anxiety.This has a great deal of problems.. Pray for peace-peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul!!! Please ask everyone to pray for me.
Thank You, Alfred O. Brown Jr.

Aug 7th 2016 - I have court on 8/29 probation revocation hearing please stand in agreement with me for favor with the judge and attorneys I'm believing for dismissal or reinstatement no jail time for I have my family to provide for my wife and 5boys please pray for me

Aug 5th 2016 - Prayer for my dad who is having surgery on the carotid artery. Pray that the blockage will be repaired and al will go well.

Jeff R.
Aug 1st 2016 - Please pray for my wife who just got notice from her Doc that she might have a possible liver problem, as shown in a recent blood test. Please pray for her faith that it will be fine. That everything will be fine when tested again in 6 weeks. Pray that she will not worry and that she has faith for healing and wellness. Thank You!

Henry Garica
Jul 21st 2016 - Keep me in prayer. Needing a liver transplant. Ive been waiting for 5 years. God is good.

Jul 18th 2016 - Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs deep inter healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memories of his past. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!!

Jul 16th 2016 - MATTHEW 5:43-48

Jun 30th 2016 - Please pray for Cherokee (a newborn baby) who is in the hospital and has went through several surgeries. Pray for healing and God to do big things in his life. Thank you for praying. :)

Jun 21st 2016 - Joseph (age 56) went to Nebraska to face an old charge that happened before his commitment to Jesus. Pray that he receives rhema from the Bible while in jail, and be sustained by God's love, grace, peace, & protection, plus healing. Pray for the hearing on June 30 when a judge will make a decision that could be "time served" up to 6 months. Pray that the public defender do a good job for Joseph and the judge operate in wisdom. May hope & faith overcome depression in this "baby" believer with the expectation God will provide work & victory when he returns to Abilene. Break all past ungodly influences of the devil in Jesus name! May scars of abuse be healed!

Jun 15th 2016 - Please pray that Randy and Jennifer get closer together and that there relationship will grow stronger that nothing will be able to tear them apart. Also please pray that Jennifer will be able to make it thru her her work probabtion period. Please pray that she can make friends at work and that she can get good hours.

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